Type: Healer (Priest)
Required For: Absolute Contrition II
Prerequisites: Focused Wrath III
Use: Manual
Cooldown Timer: 600
Expends: Focused Wrath
FeatID: 3804

Feat DescriptionEdit

The Healer can force Contrition upon a target causing the target to reflect on their sins and transgressions. The contrition does not affect targets with the same deity as the caster. The target must save versus Will or suffer 6d6 divine damage + an amount equal to the caster's ranks in Piety. If the save is successful, the target still suffers half damage. Regardless of the save, the target will suffer a -2 penalty to all Will saves for 10 rounds. Activation of this feat expends one use of the Focused Wrath Master Feat.

Absolute Contrition All, Healer Gatekeeper