Type: Scout
Required For: None
Prerequisites: Intelligence 13, Battle Intuition II
Use: Manual
Cooldown Timer: n/a
FeatID: 1098

Feat DescriptionEdit

The Feint feat can be used to deny your opponent their Dexterity bonus to AC for a combat round.
In order for it to succeed you make a Bluff check with a target DC of the target's Base Attack Bonus plus their Spot skill.
Regardless of whether their DEX bonus is removed, you only get a single attack that round (but Haste does stack with it).
This feat is especially useful for those who can Sneak Attack with it.
Any non-humanoid gets a +4 bonus to its DC. And against anything with a 1 or 2 intelligence it gets a +8 bonus to its DC. You can't feint against a non-intelligent creature.

Scout Feat